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Concurs foto: Imaginea unei Europe fara granite

08 04 2016 20:00
Grupul Socialiştilor Europeni din cadrul Comitetului Regiunilor a lansat concursul foto anual sub tema "Imaginea unei Europe fără graniţe". Fotografi amatori și profesioniști cu vrsta peste 18 ani, rezidenţi ntr-unul din cele 28 de state membre ale Uniunii Europene, pot trimite fotografia lor ilustrnd interpretarea proprie a unei Europe fără frontiere. Este acceptată o singură nregistrare per participant. Concursul este dotat cu premii. Data limită pentru nscriere este: 30 iunie 2016, 23:00 CET Mai multe informaţii se găsesc pe site-ul Eurodesk: http://www.eurodesk.ro/nou.php?i=958

Hiiumaa youthwork center in Estonia is looking for partners

08 04 2016 19:57
Hiiumaa Youth Work Center is looking for partners to do two youth exchanges. Here is their call, please get back to them if you are interested in making a youth exchange with them: We would like to participate in a youth exchange with 10 of our youngsters aged between 14- 17. We are prepared for organising a return youth exchange in Estonia. The most appealing topics for our youngsters are sport, entrepreneurship, music and intercultural dialogue. Hiiumaa Youth Work Center, is based on a small Estonian island called Hiiumaa. Hiiumaa is small and peaceful island with only 8500 habitants. Hiiumaa Youth Work Center is located in the islands capital Krdla, the population in the capital is approximately 3000. Hiiumaa Youth Work Centre has three localities - Counseling service and two open youth houses. Which provide differend services like youth psychological counseling, youth information, operates youth workers network in the county, provides open youth work service, international youth work , manages different projects and supports youth initiative and participation. Webpage: ntk.hiiuvald.ee Contact info: gerli.tikk@hiiuvald.ee

NAB 2016: FOR-A to Intro Video-Over-IP Streamer

08 04 2016 19:55
Cypress, CA, April 7, 2016- FOR-A will introduce a new Video-Over-IP Streamer, the MXR-200IP, at this months NAB Show, April 16-19 in Las Vegas (Booth, #C5117). The company will highlight this new product at its NAB Booth, #C5117, where they will demonstrate IP streaming for file-based production to and from the company's "FOR-A World of Possibilities" area that focuses on its most advanced technology. This innovation showcase will include 4K 2SI, 12G-SDI, HDR, Wide Color Gamut and 8K products, representing the highest standard in professional video industry trends. The new MXR-200IP 1 RU device delivers IP streaming with multiple-codec support for file-based workflows, saving the input data without recompression as MXF files. It has two encoder/decoder channels, and has internal storage that allows MXF files to be stored while encoding and decoding, thereby allowing the files to undergo non-linear editing. It supports H.264 High 422 Intra at 100 Mbps, while auto-correcting any dropped packets through FEC redundancy following SMPTE ST 2022-1/2. The MXR-200IP offers three modes of operation. In IP Sending Mode, it encodes HD-SDI signals to a transport bitstream for IP out with 2 channels of SDI input and 4 channels of IP output. In IP Receiving Mode, it decodes encapsulated IP input for HD-SDI signal out with 2 channels of IP input and 2 channels of SDI output. And in IP Sending/Receiving Mode, the MXR-200IP decodes 1 channel of IP input to output as HD-SDI signal, and encodes HD-SDI input to 2 channels of IP output. In all modes, the IP streamer offers live playback and setting configuration in an intuitive browser that lets the user save MXF files as they watch live playback of IP streams, copy to EditShare or other network storage during playback, and select FEC (SMPTE 2022-1) settings. About FOR-A FOR-A is a major manufacturer and distributor of video and audio systems to the broadcast, postproduction and professional video markets. For more information about FOR-As product line, call 714-894-3311 or visit our web site at www.for-a.com.


08 04 2016 19:54
New York, NY - April 7, 2016 Cinedeck confirms that partnerships will be highlighted at NAB this year to illustrate the versatility of Cinedeck hardware platforms. Cinedecks diverse roster of clientele and production environments point to how multi-functional Cinedecks solutions are. Were very excited to have both Light Iron and FNTECH in our booth this year to help show the different ways Cinedecks are used across the industry, says Charles Dautermont, Cinedecks CTO. Both companies have created cutting edge workflows, leveraging the most advanced tools for a seamless production, from camera to post. While Cinedeck will focus on post-production applications using their line of hardware platforms, specifically File-based Insert Edit, Light Iron and FNTECH will demo a variety of capabilities including their cutting edge logging tools that are more than just a growing trend. As budgets continue to shrink, on‑set media management solutions have become an essential part of multi-cam production. They allow multi-channel automation and documentation of indispensable metadata for editors and post production while simultaneously providing creative and editorial control immediately instead of hours or days after shooting has finished.

Marquise Technologies at NAB 2016 : MASTERING and beyond

08 04 2016 19:52
Geneva, Switzerland, At NAB 2016 Swiss-based developer of high-end solutions for post-production Marquise Technologies will create a new milestone in the mastering process for producing high quality and standardized deliverables for the digital cinema, the broadcasters and the OTT industries. With the increasing requirement for multiple versions requested from source content, including 4K and HDR UHD outputs, some being delivered simultaneously or at different times, post-production facilities issues are not only coming from their capacity to deliver the content by transcoding masses of data, but also from the time consuming process of versioning. At the forefront of Mastering for DCP and IMF for many years, Marquise Technologies has focused its R & D effort in the development of features that bring the versioning capabilities of MIST, the Mastering solution, beyond what has been made so far in terms of power, efficiency and ease of use. MEDIA MANAGEMENT Ease of use starts on the media management side, with an expanded Library module offering direct access from within the TimeLine and the Assembler modules. With the new Drag & Drop feature, not only regular media can be dropped into the library, but also whole DCPs and IMF packages. Merging original versions and supplemental packages is now simply a matter of drag & drop. The CPLs will be converted on the fly into compositions, directly available in the Timeline and the Assembler modules. In addition other important functions include media relinking. ADVANCED EDITING The TimeLine in MIST is the central place where complex mastering operations are performed. It has been improved with numerous time saving functions like NLE-style editing with source/record views, automatic reel creation, automatic composition format setting and much more. Beyond the enhanced toolset, a new way to manage multiple soundfields directly from the TimeLine is being introduced with this new release. This crucial feature allows an elegant display of the actual structure of the masters and version you work on. The soundfields are naturally made available automatically for DCP and IMF export as well as for any media output in the Render module. A brand new audio TimeStretch feature complements the ability to mix multiple formats, color spaces and resolutions on the same timeline, by allowing various frame rates to co-exist as well. Combined with high quality retiming for the video tracks via the DVO tools, MIST can now perform these life-saving tasks when creating broadcast deliverables from a cinema source. While advanced operations can be performed in the Timeline, some specific tasks can be performed more efficiently in the Assembler where fast insert/replace operations permit rapid creation or updates of existing DCP & IMF packages. FAST DELIVERABLES In this release, the deliverables creation has been drastically enhanced with ultra-fast rendering speed for all formats and of course DCP & IMF. MIST supports the latest standards and file formats for SDR & HDR delivery for broadcast, cinema and OTT services, such as Netflix, Amazon, etc. The release carries the most up-to-date IMF specifications required by App 2E and App 4 such as the new IMF JPEG200 profiles and 16bit JPEG2000 lossless encoding. Advanced DCP and IMF export now includes creation and management of multi-PKL packages. It is also possible to create hard links for existing assets to eliminate redundant copying. Broadcast standards support has been augmented with the new AS11 variations as required by the UKDPP/NABA, AS10 and other recommendations used by the industry. The power and flexibility of the versioning features in the timeline are fully available in the Render module, where multiple deliverables can be created with independent combinations of subtitles/closed captions/audio mixes simultaneously. Outputs are defined in the Render module via a flowgraph that can carry specific image processing and audio operations as well as color management operations for HDR delivery. Based on the Academy's ACES color system, various versions can be generated for the traditional as well as brand new color spaces such as Rec 2020. HDR encoding is supported by ST2084 (PQ curve) and BBC/NHK's Hybrid Log-Gamma. BEYOND MASTERING For large volumes and cloud-based workflows, Marquise Technologies TORNADO automates the creation of deliverables in all the supported formats. Beyond classic transcoding, TORNADO gracefully handles DCPs and IMF packaged with color conversion, pan & scan and much more. TORNADO is an advanced HDR-capable media engine that via its REST API can be easily integrated into large infrastructures and controlled by media management systems or orchestration systems. Mastering and versioning means quality control, whether on reception of content or before delivery. ICE, the most advanced Reference Player for IMF and DCP allows content validation, metadata inspection as well as frame-accurate playback for all the formats/resolutions and color spaces, including 4K/UHD HDR. ICE comes with an impressive collection of scopes for video and audio analysis including the monitoring of HDR metrics like MaxFALL and MaxCLL. Combined with an HDR monitor, ICE allows the faithful playback of PQ or HLG encoded content. Besides these standards, ICE can also create an on-the-fly ACES proxy signal as supported by some reference display devices. Multiple soundfields as well as multiple subtitles and close-caption tracks are supported for playback. This new release includes the support of the new ARRIRAW MXF and of AS-11 X1 for DPP deliveries in UHD. Visit Marquise Technologies at NAB 2016

Ted Schilowitz to Address NAB Show Technology Luncheon

08 04 2016 19:42
WASHINGTON, D.C.-- Ted Schilowitz, futurist at 20th Century Fox and Chief Creative Officer at Barco, will speak at the NAB Show Technology Luncheon, held Wednesday, April 20 in Las Vegas and sponsored by LG Electronics. NAB Show is the annual conference and expo for professionals who create, manage and distribute media and entertainment across all platforms. Schilowitz advises senior leadership at 20th Century Fox on the constantly evolving art and science of advanced motion picture creation. This includes developing strategy on future technology as it relates to cinema and exploring the emerging fields of virtual and augmented reality and immersive cinema. As Chief Creative Officer at Barco, the worlds market share leader in digital cinema projection, Schilowitz spearheads a project focused on the future of immersive high-intensity cinema experiences. Ted Schilowitz has worked his entire career to advance media and entertainment technology, said NAB Chief Technology Officer Sam Matheny. With virtual and augmented reality being a focus at this years NAB Show, we look forward to Ted sharing his insight on the development of this exciting new technology. Schilowitz is a founding member of the product development team at RED Digital Cinema. The company has made a significant impact on the motion picture industry, with many of the worlds biggest movies being shot with the companys ultra-high resolution digital movie cameras. Additionally, Schilowitz is one of the founders of the G-Tech product line of advanced hard drive storage products, which are implemented worldwide for professional television and multimedia content creation. As previously announced, Richard Chernock, chief science officer at Triveni Digital and Andrew Laird, former vice president and chief technology officer at Journal Broadcast Group, will receive NAB Engineering Achievement Awards at the luncheon. Also, Adam Symson, senior vice president and chief digital officer at The E.W. Scripps Company will receive the Digital Leadership Award. The luncheon will also include a raffle of a UHD television (courtesy of LG Electronics) and three drones (courtesy of B&H Photo, Video and Pro Audio). Additionally, Schilowitz will serve as moderator for the Creative Master Series keynote session Virtual Reality: Immersive Storytelling Meets Interactive Technology, held Monday, April 18. News media registration is available here. About NAB Show NAB Show, held April 16-21, 2016 in Las Vegas, is the world's largest electronic media show covering the creation, management and delivery of content across all platforms. With 103,000 attendees from 166 countries and 1,700+ exhibitors, NAB Show is the ultimate marketplace for digital media and entertainment. From creation to consumption, across multiple platforms and countless nationalities, NAB Show is home to the solutions that transcend traditional broadcasting and embrace content delivery to new screens in new ways. For complete details, visit www.nabshow.com. About NAB The National Association of Broadcasters is the premier advocacy association for America's broadcasters. NAB advances radio and television interests in legislative, regulatory and public affairs. Through advocacy, education and innovation, NAB enables broadcasters to best serve their communities, strengthen their businesses and seize new opportunities in the digital age. Learn more at www.nab.org.

Omnia Audio Launches Omnia.7AM Audio Processor

08 04 2016 19:41
Omnia Audio Launches Omnia.7AM Audio Processor at NAB 2016 7 April 2016, Cleveland, Ohio, USA The Telos Alliance parent company of Omnia Audioannounced today the launch of the Omnia.7AM audio processor, the new, feature-rich AM sibling to the popular Omnia.7FM processor. Omnia.7AM will be on display at NAB 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the Telos Alliance Booth #N1934, April 18-21, 2016. "AM radio has always been a great source of news, information, sports, and other compelling content, but listenership has declined over the years due to higher fidelity media alternatives, plus an increase in environmental interference and noisealso concerns facing AM broadcasters," says Frank Foti, founder of Omnia and CEO of the Telos Alliance. "The Omnia.7AM is a tool specifically designed for the AM spectrum's unique challenges that AM broadcasters can start using immediately to improve their sound." Omnia.7AM-1.jpg Download Hi-Res Image Unlike competitors, the Omnia.7AM uses current, up-to-date technology to address the problems AM broadcasters face today. It employs some of the same features of the 7FM. All aspects of the processing infrastructure, bandwidth, and their output signals, however, have been specially engineered for maximum efficiency and performance within the AM spectrum. Omnia's Psychoacoustic Controlled Distortion Masking Clipper analyzes and masks distortion perceptible to the human ear. Dry Voice Detector applies processing for clearer voices on talk content, a big plus for AM talk radio. Additionally, proprietary Undo technology removes distortion and re-creates the peaks sliced from compressed digital music and content, restoring life, brilliance, and dynamic range. The 7AM also allows broadcasters to refine their 'signature sound' with sonic tools like Real-Time Analyzers, Built-In Oscilloscopes, and FFTs. Three-stage wideband AGC with adjustable sidechain equalization; program-dependent two-to-five multiband AGCs and limiters; dual independent power supplies; and relay bypass for backup processor all combine to create a powerhouse AM processor. The 7AM is easy to adjust from anywhere in the world thanks to full remote control and metering tools accessible from networked Windows-based PCs and tablets. The Omnia.7AM will be on display at NAB 2016 in booth #N1934. Please contact Krissy Rushing for a booth appointment, or simply drop by to hear a live demo of the Omnia.7AM in action.

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