History project

06 04 2010 12:21

The F.J.T. Team invites youths to participate to the project: Berlin History of a divided country , to be held in Berlin, Germany. This is an bilateral exchange project held bettwin Romania and Rep. Moldova in Berlin Germany from 26 april 01 may 2010.

OUR EXPECTATIONS FROM PARTICIPANTS ARE related to the general participant profile: Interested in project topics; Without knowledge and experience in projects or history; More details: Fjtbrasov@gmail.com

The District Federation of the Non Gouvernamental Youth Organisations Brasov , Romania is a non-patrimonial, non-profit, and non political organisation, its activity is based on voluntary work.

The District Federation of the Non Gouvernamental Youth Organisations Brasov ( F.J.T.) was created in 2003 by the following founding associations: Association of Young Journalists Brasov ( A.T.Z.) , The League for Defending the Youths Rights Brasov ( L.A.D.T.) , A.T.E.L.I.E.R Association, The Ecologist Jurist Associatio n, Euro-Asia Promotion and Cultural Foundation - Brasov branch, Cultural Association BRANT S.F . PROMOTION.

The purpose of the federation is mainly to promote the civic values and democracy among young people.

According to a recent declaration of the president F.J.T. dr.ing Claudiu Oteleanu, the fact that we live in a global community has become a truism. Yet many peoples do not realize how their security, their health, and their livelihood depend on global systems.

Thanks to increased immigration, rapid and cheaper transport between countries, the extraordinary development of computer and other c o m m u n i c a t i o n technologies, the frontiers between nations are becoming porous and thinner.

As each day passes, the world becomes a much smaller place, making the challenges that used to be local or national, global.

The real question is: are we prepared to face the challenges of cultural diversity at home and abroad? Do we understand how others in Europe, Asia, Africa, or in the Middle East think ? Do we or can we understand their cultures and how they view us? Can we understand their ways of doing things, communicate and look for solutions for common problems?


Comunicat FJT

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