NAB 2016: FOR-A to Intro Video-Over-IP Streamer

08 04 2016 19:55
Cypress, CA, April 7, 2016- FOR-A will introduce a new Video-Over-IP Streamer, the MXR-200IP, at this months NAB Show, April 16-19 in Las Vegas (Booth, #C5117). The company will highlight this new product at its NAB Booth, #C5117, where they will demonstrate IP streaming for file-based production to and from the company's "FOR-A World of Possibilities" area that focuses on its most advanced technology. This innovation showcase will include 4K 2SI, 12G-SDI, HDR, Wide Color Gamut and 8K products, representing the highest standard in professional video industry trends. The new MXR-200IP 1 RU device delivers IP streaming with multiple-codec support for file-based workflows, saving the input data without recompression as MXF files. It has two encoder/decoder channels, and has internal storage that allows MXF files to be stored while encoding and decoding, thereby allowing the files to undergo non-linear editing. It supports H.264 High 422 Intra at 100 Mbps, while auto-correcting any dropped packets through FEC redundancy following SMPTE ST 2022-1/2. The MXR-200IP offers three modes of operation. In IP Sending Mode, it encodes HD-SDI signals to a transport bitstream for IP out with 2 channels of SDI input and 4 channels of IP output. In IP Receiving Mode, it decodes encapsulated IP input for HD-SDI signal out with 2 channels of IP input and 2 channels of SDI output. And in IP Sending/Receiving Mode, the MXR-200IP decodes 1 channel of IP input to output as HD-SDI signal, and encodes HD-SDI input to 2 channels of IP output. In all modes, the IP streamer offers live playback and setting configuration in an intuitive browser that lets the user save MXF files as they watch live playback of IP streams, copy to EditShare or other network storage during playback, and select FEC (SMPTE 2022-1) settings. About FOR-A FOR-A is a major manufacturer and distributor of video and audio systems to the broadcast, postproduction and professional video markets. For more information about FOR-As product line, call 714-894-3311 or visit our web site at www.for-a.com.

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