Hiiumaa youthwork center in Estonia is looking for partners

08 04 2016 19:57
Hiiumaa Youth Work Center is looking for partners to do two youth exchanges. Here is their call, please get back to them if you are interested in making a youth exchange with them: We would like to participate in a youth exchange with 10 of our youngsters aged between 14- 17. We are prepared for organising a return youth exchange in Estonia. The most appealing topics for our youngsters are sport, entrepreneurship, music and intercultural dialogue. Hiiumaa Youth Work Center, is based on a small Estonian island called Hiiumaa. Hiiumaa is small and peaceful island with only 8500 habitants. Hiiumaa Youth Work Center is located in the islands capital Krdla, the population in the capital is approximately 3000. Hiiumaa Youth Work Centre has three localities - Counseling service and two open youth houses. Which provide differend services like youth psychological counseling, youth information, operates youth workers network in the county, provides open youth work service, international youth work , manages different projects and supports youth initiative and participation. Webpage: ntk.hiiuvald.ee Contact info: gerli.tikk@hiiuvald.ee

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