Sony DADC New Media Solutions Selects Hybrik for Cloud-Based Transcoding

12 04 2016 00:35
New service allows Sony to accelerate video processing across thousands of machines Mountain View, CA, April 11, 2016 - Hybrik, Inc. today announced that Sony DADC New Media Solutions Inc. (Sony) has selected Hybrik, Inc. (Hybrik) to provide cloud-based media processing. Hybriks service accelerates transcoding and automated quality control across thousands of machines in the cloud to achieve outstanding throughput. Migrating Sonys media processing to the cloud is a core strategic initiative, said James OToole, Director of Content Media Engineering, Sony DADC NMS. Hybrik allows us to accelerate this transition by giving us superb transcoding and quality control at massive scale and with simplified management." The Hybrik system will be integrated into Sonys Ven.ue platform. Ven.ue, Sonys innovative Solution-as-a-Service (SolaaS), offers consumer experiences and content delivery to a variety of devices and more than 1,200 distribution points worldwide. The Ven.ue platform is designed to provide Asset and Inventory Management, Media Servicing and Fulfillment, Rights & Avails Management, Localization, Dynamic Ad Insertion, Fan Engagement, Digital Marketing Services, White-label Consumer Storefronts, Playout Management, Real-time Consumer Behavior Analytics, and Merchandise Monetization. By leveraging Hybrik we can deliver unparalleled performance, reliability, and throughput for our global customers, said OToole. Hybrik has worked closely with Sony to integrate into Sonys Ven.ue production management system. We are proud to have been selected for cloud media processing by Sony, said David Trescot, CEO of Hybrik. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail have made them an ideal partner as we have developed our service. Hybriks service is based on Amazons AWS cloud platform, and provides transcoding, quality control, accelerated file transfer, large-scale storage, and streaming to deliver superb video optimized for every screen. All media processing occurs inside of Sonys Virtual Private Cloud, ensuring the highest level of security and control.

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