Training Course “Youth Work methodologies for Sustainable Development Goals”

21 04 2016 22:17
A new training offer has been published in SALTO's European Training Calendar: Training Course 12-17 June 2016 | Sremski Karlovci near Novi Sad, Serbia Training Course “Youth Work methodologies for Sustainable Development Goals” The training course for youth workers and junior trainers aims at building and developing competences and capacities to run educational activities on the topic of the Sustainable Development Goals especially at the national and local level. Organizer: Centre for Human Rights and Development Studies (NGO/Others) This activity is for participants from: Albania, Belgium - DE, Belgium - FL, Belgium - FR, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom Application deadline: 7 May 2016 › More details (The short link for this training offer is http://trainings.salto-youth.net/5726)

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